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Default Re: Pre-Fader metering?


So you mean all this time I was not actually getting an optimal level in my audio tracks? I mean, I just happened to see that option today (meaning I never had thought of it much, just glanced at that menu and moved on) and it was unchecked. So I now assume that all my sessions are set to post-fader metering!

Is it that way by default? Do you all look into this when recording and adjust accordingly?

I took my PT manual on the subway ride to work to find out more but all I could find was a sliver of info on p.22.
I also looked for more info on the 3 different values you get when clicking ctrl + volume level and couldn't find anything.

So let me ask you this, if I'm in pre-fader metering mode, how does this affect the monitoring situation? Do you set it to pre-f until you get the right level for each track and then set it back to post-fader during tracking?

Must know more about gain structure, I feel it's perhaps the most important part of what we do. Once we get a good grip on it, our recordings can only get better!

thanks guys,

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