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Exclamation Pan Depth setting not working on stereo sub-busses

Hello All,

Using ProTools 10.3.2 on Win7 x64.

I'm testing all different options for "Pan Depth" under the Session Setup menu. I'm doing this:

1) I have a mono track
2) I have a Quad bus, with 2 stereo subpaths
3) I'm routing the mono track to one of those stereo subpaths

Not working, the Pan Depth is fixed to -3 dB.

I know the documentation says so and that Pan Depth is configurable only for stereo routings, but I really think this is the case where it should work, since the mono track is being routed to a stereo path, even if that stereo path is a subpath for a quad path.

Also, there's definitely a bug here, whether you think this should be the case of a working Pan Depth or not. If I:

1) Change the routing of the mono channel to a pure main stereo bus, routed to the main stero monitors, then Pan Depth works (yes, it's supposed to).

2) After testing different Pan Depth settings and seeing it works, I change the output the mono track to the original stereo subpath, then it continues to work!

So, either there's a problem preventing it from working at first, or a problem allowing it to work at the end.

Please let me know what do you think.


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