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Default Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt - Routing issue for outputs 9 & 10

Good evening,

I have a Apogee Ensemble as a main interface for Pro Tools. I seem not to be able to setup my inserts 9 & 10 properly. I'm using the latest Apogee Control sofware

Here's what's up, so far:
- Ensemble has it's outputs 1 & 2 reserverd for the main monitor outputs
- Ensemble has 8 outputs (3 to 10) on a D-Sub Cable
- Ensemble only has 8 physical line inputs, which are inputs 1-8
- Pro Tools IO setup has "Insert 9-10" linked to the ensembles 9-10 line outputs. PT expects Inserts to come back in on the same Line inputs, being input 9-10
- Inputs 9-10 are the talkback mic on the interface, so I'm using inputs 1-2 to return to the interface. Since those are the only free one's left.
- Apogee Control doesn't seem to have a matrix (like older versions did) to change the internal routing so that I could actually reroute inputs 1-2 to software inputs 9-10 in Pro Tools.

Question, how did anyone of you manage to use insert 9-10 with the Apogee ensemble.

Thanks so much for your time.
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