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Default Re: PT 8 and 9 Memory leak? and Waves issue

Problem is that PT sometimes gives the memory warning and asks you the save the session, which then results in a saved session of 4K instead of 22MB or so.
Of course I can get the backup out of the Session file backups, but it still is a dangerous situation.
Also PT asks to allocate more memory and restart, but I don't know how I could force PT to use even more memory than the settings I'm running with and posted above. There is the 2GB memory limit in 32 bit if I'm not mistaken. In Activity monitor PT's memory allocation starts at 1,99 GB real memory and 1.88 virtual memory (I just had to restart the PT8 system, so I checked again) when I open my session. It then slowly creeps up till 2.66GB real memory and more (on the PT9 system at this moment).

Any ideas?


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