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Default Re: PT Not Reading Mic Signal on MOTU 8Pre USB

Originally Posted by Top Jimmy View Post
If youíre connecting the 8Pre to the 828 via ADAT, you should not be using the aggregate layer, but directly addressing the 828 instead.

If you only use one ADAT cable, the 8Pre would be clock master and the 828 would slave to the incoming ADAT connection. If you use two ADAT cables, one each direction, then the 828 can be clock master and the 8Pre would sync to the incoming ADAT connection.

In Pro Tools, you would find the 8Pre signal appearing at the 828 ADAT input channels. If you change the order or number of I/O channels available with your interface post session creation, you need to update those in Pro Tools. Go to the I/O setup window in Pro Tools and delete and default the paths on the input, output, and bus tabs and all will be good.

Hi jimmy, thanks for replying. We gave that a shot but it didnít seem to make a difference.
With a little more fiddling however, we realized it had to do with settings on MOTUís CueFX software setup. You have to route the inputs as pairs in the virtual mixer and itís a really counterintuitive process, probably other brands of interfaces are way easier to setup.

That said, issue is now solved. Just wanted to get back and say thanks for your input, much appreciated!

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