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Default Pro Tools unable to reacquire the hardware

Digidesign hardware is either not installed or in use by another application" error when launching Pro Tools with a Digi 002. anyone solved this problem?
when I reboot I get the "Pro Tools hardware is either not installed or used by anther program"
no other programs are installed.

Macbook Pro 2010 10.6.8 - Pro Tools 10.3.10 with digi 002. I've eliminated the digi 002 as the problem. I have reinstalled the protools on a new hard drive and get the same results. I think it has to be a driver issue but have tried all the drivers. System worked fine for the past 2 years. Now it just started doing this... this is frustrating. I even went up to 10.7.5 with same results. Thanks in advance for the suggestions....
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