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Default Re: Spanner on S6 running 2019.5.1

Are you on a 9 or 5 knob console for the shown bucket? I am on an M10 8 Fader.

Is it a traditional contiguous section or are there on attention zones? No attention zones

What is the exact configuration? Fader, Knob Process.

Are you attempting to access the parameters only in an expanded view? Yes

Mapping to Faders below has no effect on the arrangement or orientation of the parameters on the knob modules just so you know.I figured, but as it was working prior to upgrading the MTM OS to 2019.5.1, I felt it somewhat pertinent.
Last, what is the width - the specific configuration of the spanner plug-in that is being represented? Ex., 2 channels in 10 channels out. Pro Tools version? 5.1. It happens with any configuration of the 5.1 plug in. The other configurations (2.0, LCR, 7.1, etc) map correctly.

Thanks. Please feel free to message me directly as well.

Randall Smith
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