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Default Volume View Anomaly

Hey guys,

I haven't been around here for some time, but it's still the best place to come to when having problems in PT! This is a super community!

I'm on PT 12.8.1, using Windows 10 1903. I was working on some volume automation on a mix, but when I got to a vocal track, I dicovered the volume line in the volume view does not correspond with the fader position in the mixer. The fader is at -7dB, but the volume line is cranked all the way to +12.

There is no volume automation on the track. Sliding the fader down lowers the volume line, but when I move back up to -7 the volume line again hits the top.

Has anyone else experienced this? I'm assuming this is a corrupt session, and am considering importing all the tracks into a fresh session. Any help will be much appreciated.

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