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Default Re: AAE 9173 Pro Tools ran out of CPU power

Originally Posted by Kinh View Post
No, its of no help and thats whats so frustrating about this, the AAE 9173 error doesn't correspond to the actual problem which means there's no way I can find a solution without knowing why.
Its definitely a bug in the 11.2 (which is what Im using). Didn't get it before I updated the other day and its not just me getting it, there are others under the same circumstances..even Mac users....

I mean I cant understand it, I was doing a session with over 40 tracks yesterday and today 3 crashes and tells me Im pushing my cpu! Madness!

without transfuser in the session does it still do this.

I had major AAE errors and would result in stuck audio and a force quit needed to get back. It was a combination of the AIR Music Tech v2 instruments and the audio driver, and wireless enabled. I was using the Mbox driver but on a mac switched to the aggregate driver, and when turning off my WIFI I got way less of those errors. (not completely gone but better)

I've since stopped using Hybrid, Strike, Transfuser (if I need it I try not to save while playback and print then deactivate) Loom, Velvet...

I have been using Structure without the error..

MacPro 12 Core 24 G Ram 10.12.6
PT 12.8.1 Mbox 3 Pro Plug-ins Verified
4 HD OS ssd | Audio ssd | Sample Library ssd | Storage
MAXPower eSATA 6G Card Wiebetech RTX100H-Q
Kensington Trackball Works/Orbit Optical
Bluetooth off/Airport on and off.
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