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Default Re: good way to get rid of popping noise (clipping)

You need to be a bit more clear on what you want to accomplish here. Okay, I re-read it and now I think I understand. Clipping is not really the right term here as clipping usually refers to a signal that is too hot. The popping or clicking sound often occurs when editing and splicing waves. Cutting at the zero crossing(where the wave form as at -0) does eliminate most clicking. Once you cut the wave, you can use TCE and grid mode to stretch the wave to fit your grid. If you still have clicks, highlight the area on both sides of the splice and put in a crossfade. The only real way to get good at this is to do it a million times. Then it gets pretty easy. A well placed crossfade can often fix a splice noise even without cutting on the zero crossing. Record with a click whenever possible. Otherwise, grid mode is tough to use.
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