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Default Re: Anyone using large orchestra templates?

Originally Posted by Marsdy View Post
Have you looked into Kontakt Multi Scripts? Thereís one where you load instruments/articulations into slots then assign keyswitches, program changes or CC messages to switch between them. Not in the studio today so canít be more descriptive at the moment but it can work.
Hi Dave -

Mind Control is a multi script, more or less - thatís what it does, except many conditions can be engaged, including legato playing styles, speed and so forth for switching... I think my issue may be that Kontakt really wants to have one Capsule (Berlin instrument) and not much more per instance. I was just wanting to avoid an insanely massive series of VEPro instances with fifty instances of Kontakt within. And I have just tried the same thing in Cubase with the same result - and it didnít happen when I used Mind Control to drive 8Dio Adagio before. I really, really wish Capsule worked more like the Spitfire stuff does - I would like to be able to use a script to not pass note data unless a cc was at a certain value, but to allow all ccís, so all of these Kontakt instances could chase the same dynamics.
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