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Default Re: Anyone using large orchestra templates?

Originally Posted by melodydetective View Post
Iím sequencing the score for a show in PT 2019.5. About 200 tracks total, about 16 of which are connections to VEPro.

Iím not even going to go into the instability of video in an app owned by a video company - thatís another post.

But what Iím encountering is inconsistent MIDI playback. Control changes seem to sometimes work and sometimes not. In particular, messages that I send through VEPro into Kontakt, which is using Mind Control to organize many instances of OT Berlin Strings. Donít know whoís folding - PT, Kontakt, Mind Control, Capsule... any thoughts from folks with larger templates welcome.

Please, as a courtesy: if you prefer Logic or Cubase thatís great, but I want to see about solving this with Pro Tools for various reasons.
Iím using PT with VE Pro and a large template without issue. Itís super solid here so my inclination would be thereís an issue with Mind Control.

Have you looked into Kontakt Multi Scripts? Thereís one where you load instruments/articulations into slots then assign keyswitches, program changes or CC messages to switch between them. Not in the studio today so canít be more descriptive at the moment but it can work.
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