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Default Re: Anyone using large orchestra templates?

Thanks for the replies, folks.

Iím thinking now it may be a combo of Using Capsule (which is a giant scripting monster) inside Mind Control. Berlin Strings are cool but I sure wish they just did UACC like Spitfire does - in Spitfire you can assign all of the articulations for a section - first violins, say - to a single MIDI channel, and a sound will not play unless itís seeing its particular cc message that enables it, but it will still respond to other CCís - and then when you send dynamics to them via CCís, all of the instruments get the dynamics messages, so if you switch articulations, rather than needing to see a dynamics controller after the switch, the articulation will already be there. If I have all articulations on different channels, first I will have a billion tracks, because Iím using almost every articulation in the library for each instrument - a max of about 65 for a section - and second, because ProTools doesnít do folders, I would have to record enable every track in a section that I used before I did a dynamics pass. So less than elegant. Thatís the benefit of Mind Control - load a massive bank of patches, assign them to change via CC or whatever, and you are almost as cool as Spitfire.

Why am I not using Spitfire? Just not as exciting sounding as Berlin Strings, and Berlin dovetails with the Metropolis Ark stuff too.
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