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Mezzo totally sucks balls!! I had a version that wouldn't restore a client's backup. It kept telling me that no files had been backed up while at the same time the little meter showed the tape was completely full go figure.

The stupid tech support was as much help as, well, nothing. Their solution was I send the tape to them and they extract the data for money. NICE!!! I stopped using it after that.

The client was a big PITA too, not understanding and very accusatory - basically the exact wrong type of client to run into problems with their backup - not that there is a right kind, but this was definitely NO FUN!

Now I do all my backups to HD. Manually. I'll probably use Time Machine when I upgrade to an Intel.

Sorry to hear about your Mezzo probs. I wish there was a thread like this before I bought the MF in the first place! What a waste of like $400.

I'll check tomorrow. I might have Mezzo 4.5. If so I can try and do a restore for ya.

Bobby Peru
Milwaukee, WI
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