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Default Re: Double Tape Assign to Copy Tracks from Banking Mode into Current Layout - Bug

Thanks, Jeff and Eddie for your replies. To answer your question Eddie yes I guess what I was thinking was I want to show all the tracks for that path and quickly put them into a layout. I just thought since I could bank them it would fill up at least the number of virtual tracks in the layout but I guess that is not the case. Is there another way around this to quickly assure the accuracy that I have all the tracks that belong to that layout?

In Pro Tools, I can right-click on a bus and choose "Show Only Assignments to Internal Layback - Pro Tools Mix" for example. Then in tracks view it shows only those tracks. Is there a way to choose "Select All" in Tracks Assign mode I can select one and then get the option to "Select None" but option clicking, shift-clicking under settings button or on the faders doesn't give me an option or select all.

I'd just like to ensure accuracy and speed in setting up these layouts.
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