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Default Re: Pro Tools 12 not detecting working iLok

Hopefully one of the higher-ups like Jeffro or Tope can help you soon.
In the meantime, you can:
Download & install the latest version of iLok License Manager from!license-manager
Login to iLok License Manager.

Left-click on your iLok in the left-hand column, to highlight it.
Right-click on the "good" (non-grayed-out) License and choose “Deactivate”
Wait for the spinning beach ball to stop
In the View Menu>Available Licenses, right-click on the License and choose “Activate”, then return it to your iLok
Right-click on your iLok and choose “Synchronize”

If this fails to fix it, you can download and install the Pro Tools | Ultimate Trial, so you can at least keep working, until your issue is fixed:
Pro Tools 2019.6/10.3.10 and 12.5.1 HD - Studio One 4 Pro - Win7 64 Ultimate (SP1) Lenovo W520 ThinkPads & 433830U Docks Mbox 3 Pro - Axiom Pro 49 - AIR Mini 32

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