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Default Re: PT10 - downloaded 32-bit xpand, NI and Kontakt - how to Install?

All this is not making sense. As Jack said NI Kontakt is third party software, you do not download that from Avid, ... unless there was some short lived promotion a while ago that I am not aware of.

These should be nothing complex here. You have Pro Tools 10, you look for plugin installers/downloads where the vendors tell you they are compatible with Pro Tools 10 and Windows 7 and you just run the installers. Why are you trying to extract files or do anything else? This is completely the wrong approach.

All versions of Pro Tools 10 supported AAX-32 so I am not following your comment about 10.3.5 being the first.

You cannot really rely on “Avid Knowing” what you have and making available just the correct plugin versions. If you have licenses for a while you will typically have multiple versions of Avid plugins downloadable.

The critical thing missing here is you are not saying what *exact* versions of Avid or third party plugins are you downloading. It is almost certain that the reason things will not just easily install and work is you have the totally wrong installer versions.
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