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Default Re: PT10 - downloaded 32-bit xpand, NI and Kontakt - how to Install?

Thanks for the reply. I downloaded everything from the "My Avid" site - where I see they have my iLok key for PT10 registered.

I am trying to install the 32-bit RTAS versions. (I am on windows 7). I extracted the files using a "Win7" unzipper.

I am pretty sure I am on the 10.3.5 version of pt10 that first allowed you to use 32-bit AAX, but I have not tried to install any 32-bit AAX files yet, I only have RTAS plugins so far.

I do know that the file folder that the troubleshooter said should contain the files was not created when I tried to install. That should be

C://program files/digidesign/

That folder was not created by install, but I did create it and I am going to try the install again.

I know it's been a long time but I was just hoping someone recalled how they did it (in terms of commonly known troubleshooting problems). I have a few troubleshooting articles (such as one that recommends downloading the DLL file) but so far I can't seem to get anything to install correctly.
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