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Default Re: Windows 7 - how to get sound from both Pro Tools 12 and other applications?

To run PT on Windows you really need a separate audio interface with its own ASIO drivers exclusively for PT audio. All other applications should just use the computers internal sound card. What usually happens if you try and route all system audio and PT through an interface, is Windows will take over control and stop you setting PTs bitrate and will probably not play audio either. Nothing wrong with the Focusrite 2i2 interface.

"... only to find, that I am unable - and it is considered "normal behaviour" on forums - have sound from both Pro Tools 12 - and all of other apps on PC at the same time."

Yes this is considered normal because as professional software it is not usual to run other software with it. It is quite normal to have a computer just to run PT and nothing else. Ben is absolutely right in everything he says.

I see you run Resolve. If you are going to use vers 14 or above you need Win 10. Resolve is not supported on Win 7.

I have been a professional PT user since 1994, and a Resolve user since 2017.
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