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Default Re: Sold my MBox 2... what next?

Carl, I'm not specifically trying to question your experience with the Microtrack, but I tried two of them four years ago and found them to be outright dogs. High noise floor, cheaply manufactured, poor design, and a lack of any semblance of "pro" methodology all combined to convince me to buy an Edirol.

As for Avid thinking things through before they make a move, it's obvious that they don't. "Forward-looking" means to hell with everything up till now, we only care about future earnings not past integration. I bought an Axiom keyboard just 2 months before the Axiom Pro was introduced. The Axiom Pro got all the glory and praise for integration with Pro Tools and the Axiom got the shaft despite the fact that they're essentially the same controller, only the Pro got updated cosmetics and integration to what was maybe a 2 year old piece of hardware? Hardly legacy.

Diz, ir you opt for another interface, I would suggest anything other than Avid. Why? Because support for the Mbox3 will eventually be dropped like the 001 and original Mbox. As long as Pro Tools remains interface agnostic, third-party interfaces will be supported far longer.
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