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Default Sold my MBox 2... what next?

So I officially sold off my MBox 2 the other day to a friend who is content with staying back a few OS builds, and he doesn't use Pro Tools anyway.

Now that I'm without a mobile recording device, I'll be in the market soon for a new one. What I'm wondering now, is if I should go with a new MBox or something similar... or perhaps a stereo field recorder such as an H4N?

I like bringing my 414 on mobile recording sessions, but with a laptop, interface and mic it's not always ideal. I wouldn't mind having a field recorder I can just take with me and plug it into a laptop later, or maybe even use it as an interface for Pro Tools, therefore skipping the need for an interface between the mic and Macbook. The H4N seems ideal because it has an XLR input so I could plug in my 414 to it if I want... but I've also heard that it doesn't play nice with Pro Tools. I guess I'm just looking for the ultimate all-in-one device that I can use on the road.

Any suggestions are more than welcome!

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