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Default Re: WARNING - macOS Sierra - iCloud Drive Users

Originally Posted by 25ghosts View Post
This goes to anyone who uses iCloud Drive in their iCloud Settings inside of System Preferences.

In System Preferences->iCloud->iCloud Drive->Options

Make Sure you De-Select the bottom-left Check Box of the window called

"Optimize Mac Storage".

This is checked by default and once your storage gets low or macOS Sierra decides it is time, it will delete those files (Appears to be a random instead of intelligent choice) from your drive and store them in iCloud.

So if you suddenly cannot find your files where you thought they should be -> chances are that they are in the cloud. This is especially true for those who were brave enough to enable the extremely hazardous feature of iCloud called Desktop & Documents Folder.
Thanks for taking the time to warn about this! I had no idea!
I really dislike Apple deciding to make some of this enabled when you update the OS! Peace!
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