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Default ProCon Newbie Requires Assistance

HI and thanks advance for reading this post and if possible maybe helping a fellow user out, my issue is I have just been acquired a full HD2 system with both 192 & 96 interfaces and Core & Acell cards in a MacPro 3.1, commute with both M\F xdl cables.

So here are the issues, after connecting everything up including an aux input device from the audio out port on the MacPro (iTunes) which I get audio through the system to the out put channel on the PC(control volume) via the 3 audio rotary knobs for each set of speakers as system is set for multi-monitors, so far so good. But when I open a session in HDTDM mode I get no audio through the system(still get (iTunes or Spotify through the PC) just not and audio from the PT session. I have tried several combination of I\O settings but nothing. when I switch to built in or PT aggregate I get audio out, what is going on, any idea's as I'm stumped. If any one can help who has same system and that could provide screen shots of connection to the 192 and I\O setting that would be a great help and somewhere to start.

Maybe I being stupid but how does the say for example the 192 or the 96 i\o's produce audio signals from the session, does it come through the link cable via the core acell cards or do I need to have another breakout cable on the input side of the 192\96 i\o units to take an input signal then back out to the PC input 2, prob sounds a daft question but maybe thats my issue as have moved all interface around, checked all connections etc, but still no audio output from PT session HD mode

Thanks again for reading, and hope you can help.

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