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Default M-powered losing TC sync

I did a big project a couple weeks ago using a Tascam MX-2424 for the first 24 tracks and M-Powered on a TiBook for the remaining 16 tracks. The MX was ref'd to video black and master TC, putting out wordclock and MTC to an M-Audio 1814.

Testing at our facility worked GREAT, but on loaction, there were MINOR TC hiccups from the master TC generator which kept taking PTLE out of record. The MX could deal with this as it was set to free-wheel for 10 frames if dropouts occurred, but there's NOTHING in M-powered's software to compensate for this.

I've got another one of these coming up and can NOT afford to have this happen again. At this point, I may have no other option than to use Digital Performer instead as it can be set to free-wheel if necessary.

Any ideas?
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