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Default Re: Suddenly PT won't load Plug-Ins because not valid 64-bit

Originally Posted by spoons View Post
OS 10.12.6 , PT 2019.6.0

Suddenly on booting up a session I had a AAE 7058 unauthorised plugin error. So I trashed prefs.
Now I have a few plug-ins that won't load because "they aren't valid 64bit" ? They have worked fine up to this point?

The only thing that's changed is I upgraded my iPhone to iSO13. When i plugged it into my mac I had a message come up saying that to connect my iPhone I bit of software had to download, which it did. Surely not connected ?

Any ideas ? I've trashed prefs (made it worse) and ran first Aid on the boot drive.
What exact plugins won't load? Avid or third party? For about a month or so I ran PT 2019.6 on OSX 10.12.6 and had no such issues. However when I went to OSX 10.13.6 I got a couple of plugins and h/w drivers that put up an error message saying they weren't optimized for 64 bit. I know current PT versions still have some 32 bit code.

It's possible whatever code that got downloaded during the iPhone upgrade did something untoward to your Mac. Do you have a good backup for your Mac? It's for times like these having a bootable clone of a working system will save your bacon. I use Carbon Copy Cloner to do the deed to an external drive that gets disconnected when the cloning is done which I do weekly.

Please tell me you don't have automatic updates turned on on the Mac.
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