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Default Re: Macbook Pro backup before repair

Originally Posted by mightyduck View Post
Ha, cleanup has been through and tidied up a bit, I see. Swift, I must say.

Some info, however, is missing now.

Someone said something about duplicating the origin drive's hidden partitioning onto the backup drive. Is that a thing?

So, just to make sure I'm clear, is the Lacie drive formatted as Daryl Ramm suggested going to be problematic in any way? Does it need to be specially partitioned or something? Let me know if there are any steps to be taken.


Yes I said that before. But for now lets keep things simpler, I would just do what I said in the directions in a recent post.

See this. and

I think it's nice to have that there in case you every have to boot and recover to a totally empty disk. Find yourself totally screwed for some other reason, and need to revert to recovery, you can run recovery off the clone. It may be a level of paranoia that is NOT needed for what you are doing now... if Apple replaces the motherboard they will image it's SSD with Mojave and *will* give you a recovery partition.

OTOH I have seen people end up with some very sad recovery messes when things went badly south and they did not even have a usable recovery partition anywhere... so worth reading about for later backups.

BTW also worth reading about later is APFS containers... can be a little confusing when first met, but more flexible that traditional partitions. And one reason to use modern APFS.

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