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Default Re: Pro Control Headphone Send Not Working

Originally Posted by Scott Goldberg View Post
I have an HD III Accel system that I just connected to a Pro Control. The DSUB cable is not pinned correctly, and this apparently was a problem back in the day. Digidesign had a reason for pinning this cable the way it is pinned so I'm a bit screwed. Right now, I have to listen back to my main audio through outputs 7-8. My real problem though, is that I am not getting a headphone mix at all through the headphone output. I am told that Pro Tools has the Pro Control set up to play the headphone output though 1-2 but I'm also told that I have to cross patch the outputs in my I/O setup for it to see the headphone outputs.

Any suggestions or help is extremely welcome. I have a 192 I/O, and it goes straight in and out to my Pro Control.
Originally Posted by Scott Goldberg View Post
The cable is the one that came with the system. There is something that Digidesign did to make the pin configuration tricky. I am friends with the old training officer for Digidesign and he said to cross patch the system in the I/O setup. That's where the tricky part comes in. We are pretty sure it's not the DB 25 cable. Unfortunately, my pal is not able to come here to my studio, so he suggested I go to the DUC for help. Thanks anyway for the sarcastic remark. I appreciate the humor, but I'm looking for a solution. ;-) I need help from someone who has cross patched their system, and maybe I should have mentioned that in my original thread. Thanks for trying to help though, I do appreciate it. Scott
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