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Default Re: Saturation, Analog Warmth, etc. plugins

Originally Posted by musicman691 View Post
But you do understand NLS doesn't actually do summing right?
Its impossible for a channel strip alone to sum, what is it summing with?!?

However, if you run your channels into the NLS Buss emulation, you get alot of the merits from summing your channels into the buss.

Either way, it doesn't make NLS any less useful. We could sit here and split hairs all day of what one thing does or doesn't do vs another, or we can just simple choose to use it and make music.

It's certainly not going to turn good mixes into bad mixes, unless its overused, but the same rule applies to any plugin or hardware device or the amount of bicarbonate soda you put into a cake. Hardly a Waves/NLS issue.
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