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Default Re: Saturation, Analog Warmth, etc. plugins

Originally Posted by amagras View Post
Agree, that or use his actual ears
Oh the waves defence force is in again eh? Using ears is exactly what led me to these anti-waves conclusions. Me and many others. They make the worst sounding 'analog' emus around and are often harsh/thinning and overly digital sounding vs the best competition.

Originally Posted by simon.a.billington View Post
Of course you have a right to your own opinion, but not your own facts.

You might want to do a little fact checking on what it does, because youíre a little off there.
LOL. You bought the waves hype, based on? the name "Non linear summing" yeah? I think YOU really need to go research exactly what console shaper in Studio One does vs a, as I said, tacked on 'fake effect' like waves NLS, Slate VCC, Satson and all others.

It is impossible (that is a fact btw) , impossible for a mere plug combo to even get close to doing what a DAW maker can do at the audio engine level (Mix FX). Yes plugs can communicate with each other, and they can fake stuff to give a bit of that vibe, but it's not really 'summing', not even close, and the effect is a poor imitation at best, waves version of console emus don't even sound great anyway.

Mix FX is built into the very core of the DAW with studio one, internal summing, where all the actual summing goes on between channels and busses and master bus. This is no tacked on effect. This isn't 'faking' the summing, it IS the summing. It's the same summing every other DAW normally does but in the case of Console Shaper/Studio One that 'summing engine' is made to mimic analog consoles, it even outdoes Mixbus (harrison) there. The non linear processing is bi-directional, up and downstream from the heart of the summing engine outwards.

When you stick NLS on in a channel and then on a bus and they 'interact' it's ENTIRELY after the summing has already taken place.

At least musicman gets it, one thing I rarely get wrong is FACTS. I know my ****, time for you to go learn too before speaking such ****.
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