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Default Re: ReaRoute-PT/Mixbus

Originally Posted by martinaston View Post
I have been dabbling with Harrison Mixbus like a lot of other PT users. It has an excellent mixing section and the logic being that if one could use PT editing then send audio to Mixbus mixer for final mixdown...[audio export is an option but very time-consuming and frankly a big pain in the you-know-whats].

So first there is JACK which doesn't work in Windows 10 at least (I am on PC using WIN 10, PT 12.7.1 & Mixbus 32C v4).

So then a guy on the Mixbus forum told me about Reaper's ReaRoute ASIO 64 bit driver. So I installed it with a Reaper demo and sure enough ReaRoute becomes available in PT. And Mixbus.

Hey presto! Not.

Doesn't seem to communicate as audio is passed out of PT, Mixbus isn't receiving the audio stream. Lost in cyberspace, so to speak. Anyone any ideas?
Reaper's routing can get a little tricky, but I'm pretty sure shan will know about this. Maybe you could PM him and find out?
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