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Default Re: Guitar fx on your iPhone/iTouch/iPad from IK!

Certainly a great idea!

Today's portable practice rig in your pocket... tomorrow's Eleven Rack built right into your guitar! Has a nice little flip out monitor on the headstock. Don't forget,t his was my idea! HAHA!

Come on guys, have some vision. You would kill Variax! Seriously.Make some kind of deal with Taylor or something like that. If you had an easy way to switch sounds you might not even need much of a foot controller. Why not?

On the other hand, still it would probably become outdated, thus the good reason to separate the ever changing tech end of things from guitars and amps. For example, modelling amps are a very poor investment. They are here today, gone tomorrow, but my guess is someday the technology will be at the point where the hardware will have enough power for the longer term expansion/upgrades.

Just thinking out load!

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