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Default Anyway to get access to the native pro tools when being HDX ultimate user. Need HELP

Hey guys!

Ran into some problems today.
I’m gonna continue/finish a mix that was initially done on a non hd system with pro tools 2019.6.
Mixing guy wasn’t aware of the lack of side chain delay compensation and has used some stuff like that and pretty advanced routing but the mix sounds good on his system.
When opening the same session on my setup (HDX ultimate 2019.6) it’s sounds pretty horrible and thin. Room mics getting cancelled out and missing the oumphf from below. It’s like my system delays everything right and unforunately completely changes the mix.
Is there any way to get access to the native version so I can finish the mix the way it should sound? I’m on Mac latest before warning of updating. (Plugins are the same, tried online/offline record it etc etc.
Thanks for any help!

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