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Default Pro Tools SE - Install without using a dvd reader

Hey everyone.
Im new here, im not to happy right now. So this email might not be well written. I'll just post a new thread since this page is huge, I don't really know who or where to ask for help..

I bought Pro Tools SE a couple of years ago, installed it and all. A few mounths back I bought a new computer (Toshiba Satellite Scullcandy). And I do not have a dvd drive on this one

Can I get my Pro Tools SE on my Toshiba computer with no dvdreader? I read something somewhere about some code how do I get this registration code? Do I need it? I think I can start Pro Tools SE on the old computer.

So yeah.. I know you can buy a dvd reader and plus it in or something.. but I wanna ask if there is another way. It should be right?

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