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Default Re: My $.02

I rarely use PT anymore and I am much happier with the way other DAWs (just) work and are more stable. S1 workflow is excellent and the support for ARA is just beautiful.

PT users should by now realize that PT has two main technical problems: old crumbling sw architecture and poorly functioning sw development model. Former is reflected in a multitude of (repeated) bugs (show stopping ADC problems, CPU errors etc.) and the obvious difficulty to find the root causes for them (very slow introduction of bug fixes). This also makes it very difficult to introduce new features causing PT to constantly remain behind other DAWs in this respect. It is also quite obvious that Avid does not have a fully functioning modern development process (fully functioning automated Q&A especially is non-existent) and the move of sw development teams to various locations has not been managed professionally.

Add to that the issues related to feature road mapping and fulfilling what the customers really want (collaboration being a major effort only needed by a handful of users). Assuming that PT actually worked, it is a great DAW for anybody who wants to work the way we used to 20 years ago (and perhaps we need one DAW that just focuses on that).

Now, everybody chooses to use the DAW they like and want to support (no matter how costly it may be) and that is fine. Personally I jumped the ship a few years ago when it was obvious that Avid has major problems with PT development and its road-map (from my perspective). I may take another look in 5 years if things have really improved but based on where they are now, how poorly their sw development works, and the challenging financial situation Avid is in, they do not have much leverage to make any major jumps any time soon.
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