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Default Re: All lights flashing on my D-Command

Just completed a PSU swap using the Sager replacement unit in my D-Command Main Unit.I got rid of the Avid heat sink that bolts to the bottom of the case and just ran with the small heat sink provided with the Sager replacement as per comments earlier in this thread.

Since Avid doesn't seem to have a service manual for the D-Command, you can follow the procedure from the D-Control Service manual with just a few exceptions:
1. The number of screws in the side panels differs from the D-Control, but be conscious that screws along the top differ from those across the bottom, just like the D-Control.
2. The LED PSU is located beneath the Dynamics/Monitor section of the D-Command Main Unit. As such I don't believe it useful or necessary to remove the left side panel. I had plenty of space to access everything just removing the right side panel.
3. You will need a 1/16" allen wrench to remove the top panel screws versus the 5/64" needed for the D-Control.
4. The two PSU mounting screws toward the back of the D-Command are difficult to get to without removing the rear panel. I would suggest a 90 phillips to loosen/tighten these screws.
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