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Default Re: All lights flashing on my D-Command

I'm getting the flashing LED problem on my D-Control fader unit. It's an old blue model. Can anyone confirm that the Sager part SNP-Z10B is also the right part for D-Control? I know this is a D-Command thread so I just want to be sure.

And not being much of a technician, I'm unclear on the suggestion above from #MikeReganNoise about the Sager unit:
What is the difference? On the Avid spec part there are insulators on both regulators on the power supply, isolating them from the metal where you attach the heat sync. Without that, there is a voltage on that metal. If you attach the Avid heat sync, you will short the supply to ground and it will never turn on. All you will hear is a clicking every half second.
The solution is either to;
a. order the SNP-Z10B-D .
b. DON'T use the Avid heat sync, and just use the small heat sync provided with the Sager power supply. (which is much easier, but might "void the warranty")

I'm assuming the heat sync is already built on to the PSU, and changing the entire PSU also changes the heat sync. So I'm not sure why he's warning against using the Avid heat sync?
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