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Default Re: Can't share anything. Doesn't upload anything.

I switched to my Win10 bootcamp partition and started a totally different project from a totally different session. Still no luck. Was able to upload 4 tracks that contained no audio but as soon as I'd choose one with audio the progress indicator in task manager would get about 2/3's of the way over pretty quickly and then hangs. It's hung on Posting "Gtr3" and lists the status of that as Uploading. The two tasks with the actual WAV's from the frozen track say Starting but haven't even begun to show any gas guage time yet. Over 10 minutes now just for this one stupid track.

I could copy the whole thing to a memory stick, drive to the house of the person I'm trying to collab with, wait for him to track, come home and I'd still be done HOURS before Pro Tools "collaboration" would get anywhere. F'ing frustrating!!!! Since it's Sunday there's probably no one home at Avid so I won't be able to get anywhere with this for another day. Like I said, I could drive, track and drive in FAR less time. They might as well just give up on collab in pt.

I set my mouse on the edge of the gas guage when I noticed it hang and it hasn't move a single pixel and it's now been 15 minutes. ***********s!!!
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