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Default Can't share anything. Doesn't upload anything.

Just tried collaboration with pt12.8 today for the first time. Totally unstable.

Tried to upload several tracks (all frozen) to a single project which encountered errors including one that PT couldn't identify. Can't upload 6 or 7 lousy tracks from a single project. After continuing to play with it PT crashed to a desktop with no error message. Now after deleting the Project (0/3) my cloud account shows 139 MB in use with zero projects. Nice.

Worse still... now I can't upload ANYTHING!!! I can create a project but it won't even upload tempo/markers/etc. Tried a whole new project, same thing. Can't upload anything. Even bought 10 Gigs for one month, still shows 139 MB in use but still won't allow me to upload ANYTHING!!! All I can do is make a project, can't upload any data to it even a blank session/project. Can't properly shut down Pro Tools with the project open. It tries to finish uploading something but never does so I eventually have to click the cancel button on that dialog box. WTF, Avid?

I just submitted a support case. We'll see what that does (and when). I want them to either give me a full refund of the 10 gig thing or change the date to start whenever they get it working. Don't want to pay for days that don't let me do anything. We'll see...

PT 12.8
OS X 10.12.5
Mac Mini quad core i7 (Macmini6,2 late 2012)
16 gigs RAM
Focusrite LS56 interface
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