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Default Re: Mbox Pro Driver Updates

Quick update -

I manually de-installed the mbox 1.2 driver and installed the 1.3.0 mbox driver and it does the same thing - tools will not open a session while the mbox is selected as the playback engine, but will switch to the mbox once it is open.

I swapped the mbox3 mini for an mbox 2 and pt behaves perfectly fine.

iMac 27" manufactured nov 2013
10.9.1 (same behaviour on the same machine with 10.9)
mbox 3 mini
tried 1.2 and 1.3 driver - neither work

mbox 3 is available to system and all other apps - just not PT upon start up or opening session.

classes start in a week with 300 students on 49 machines - help!
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