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Default Re: Mbox Pro Driver Updates

running 10.9.1 as shipped with new 27" iMac under AD authenticated multi user environment PT 11.1 and MBOX 3 mini and MBOX 2 devices

Avid driver download lists MBOX 3 driver as 1.2 for compatibility yet pro tools will not open a session with this selected

MBOX 2 mini is available to system and other apps just fine

If I open PT selecting inbuilt audio then switch to mbox mini it works fine.

I have now just discovered that whilst the AVID download point indicates that 1.2 is the most current and compatible - I re download and discover it issues 1.3.0

I am hoping this works, now that I have to write a script to remove the 1.2 driver from 49 machines and try again with this driver.

Any comment on whether 1.3 has fixed critical errors like this?
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