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Default Avid Everywhere and the Cloud

As a post guy I've asked many times to bring back Rocket network functionality to facilitate stage fixes. Rocket Network as it was implemented into Pro Tools some 12 years ago, today would speed the mix/fix time on a stage.

I don't see using the collaboration tools in Avid Everywhere, anywhere but with the guy sitting next to me feeding me new sound effects or music cues during a mix. Will the cloud aspect be necessary or can Avid Everywhere collaboration be run without the participation of a sometimes flaky WAN internet to talk to the cloud?

I'm not seeing a rosy future for Avid if they are pouring a ton of money into this unless it is leaps and bounds better and tightly integrated into Pro Tools. Between Source-Elements Live with picture, perhaps the new Gobbler features (they look interesting) and Crush FTP Enterprise software, I might be better served modifying my work flow and reducing my dependence on an Avid Everywhere collaboration solution.

My intent is not to bash Avid but to understand how these new tools when they arrive will improve my workflow over third party solutions. While not exactly the same currently available or soon to be available third party solutions do bite off a significant portion of AE proposed solutions and beat Avid to the finish line by a significant margin.
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