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Default Re: Arturia VCollection 7

Pigments is outstanding. I did upgrade to V7 for $99 so I'll check and see what the price is.

Honestly when i tried the demo I wasn't expecting much, cause most love it, even though some don't,and I tend not to like the same things as others in general. For example Serum, which is so widely regarded, and people still can't accept that I think it sounds awful (they actually can't accept it, they just insult me for my opinion LOL).

So I downloaded Pigments demo and it has a really clean but beautiful sound to it.. It's got plenty of presence and warmth which a lot of digital sounding stuff doesn't. I was really impressed. If I can get it for $49 it's a total no brainer, even with the recent drastic aussie dollar drop making that almost 100 for me now.
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