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Default Re: pro tools 10 and digi 002

Originally Posted by Bryan Cook View Post
i'm trying to get an 002 to work with PT 10 HD. when i launch PT10 HD under hardware options it only lists aggregate i/o but when i launch audio/midi setup it sees the 002 hardware, but says it has 0in and 0 out and won't let me select it and it does not appear as an option under PT hardware setup, it only appears in audio/midi setup. any ideas?
One thing you should be aware of is that those firewire digi units are very sensitive to how you power up your system.
I had so many problems until I found that out. Make sure you power up your whole system EXACTLY how the instructions say. don't deviate at all.
It made a HUGE difference for me. I had the 003 and I thought the sound was very usable.
Before you launch pro tools make sure your computers sound device is set to the fire wire 002 input output.
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