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Default Click and Global MIDI Offset

I am using PT 5.1.1 on a Mix Plus system and noticed that the MIDI Click generated by Pro Tools does not obey the Global MIDI offset preference.

While all other MIDI is offset by the number of samples specifiedin the Global MIDI preference (+ or - the usual 50 sample sloppiness), the Click is only partially offset. I have found that the Click does get offset but the largest offset I could attain was about -100 samples, even if the Global MIDI offset was set much higher. This is a problem since I need to offset my MIDI by -250 samples to get the timing right (or at least as close as possible with Pro Tools).

Is this normal behavior or am I doing something wrong? Otherwise, I guess the solution is to create a MIDI track with the Click, or use an audio click track. I just thought it was strange that the Click wouldn't be offset, and even stranger that it was partially offset.
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