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Default Major Memory Leak in Eucon 3.3.2

Hello all, I thought I would bring this to everyone's attention that there is a severe memory leak in Eucon 3.3.2, at least on Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan (I have not tested this on Windows). I created a ticket for this with Avid over a month ago, but it has still not updated with a fix yet and just today I noticed my system running slowly - I checked my memory usage and lo and behold, Eucon is using up 33GB (YES YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY, THIRTY-THREE GIGABYTES!!) of system memory. Since I have only 32GB in my system, and I was running Pro Tools which itself was using several GB of memory, that was forcing much of the Eucon data to be constantly paged in and out from disk which can wreak havoc on an SSD based system that has limited write durability. This really teed me off so I thought I would make a post and hopefully this will draw more attention to this problem and get this severe issue addressed ASAP. I would advise people to not let EUCON run in the background, or even at all, right now. If someone wants to do a test on another OS, just start Eucon and note its memory usage then wait an hour or so and check it again to see if its usage has increased, then keep checking periodically until you are satisfied that either its memory usage is stable or is steadily increasing. If it is steadily increasing then Eucon has a memory leak on your system.
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