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Default Altiverb's hidden gem....

...or why Altiverb is the best algorithmic reverb!

I can't find an agorithmic reverb I really like. Back to Altiverb.

As a composer I do a lot of orchestral mockups. By far my favourite orchestra IR isn't any of the concert halls or soundstages but the St. Joseph chapel IR.

Altiverb now has a pretty comprehensive feature set for a convolution reverb.

So.... Load the St Joseph chapel IR then think of it as an algorithmic verb plug-in. It can do ANYTHING. from a tiny drum space, epic drum room to a rich vocal plate and everything in between. It sounds, rich, silky and expensive. None of the other IRs I've tried respond to really radical parameter changes like this one although the Utrecht chapel is worth a listen too.

Such a shame Altiverb isn't going to get a DSP version.
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