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Default Re: 1.2 doesn't open

I have ipad2 also. The first couple of times it did not open, freezing on the splash screen then closing after a minute. I have about 500 mainly old sib v 3 to 5 files most of which usually crashed with v1.1 so I have not been able to use it at all this year.
However after force quitting yet again and opening, v1.2 is working, opens my files, transposes and appears to be stable with the quick checks I have done so far.

Perhaps you might like to connect to iTunes, copy off your files, delete the app, re-download, install, check its opening, then connect to computer again and add a few of your files to test.
I hope you get it working.

I have just bought sib 7 recently—reluctantly (in case it was the last version ever) but resigned to thinking using Scorch on my ipad would be useless. Thanks Sam for being here for us.
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