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Default A request from a VAIO owner who is still bummed over PT FREE R2

i got R1, despite the warning about it having problems with some Sony Vaio computers. ran it on my Vaio F-560 notebook (PIII 600, 192 RAM, Yamaha DS-XG audio chip) and it crashed, and crashed and crashed...

got R2, despite the fact that the update notes said nothing about compatibility with Vaio computers. it still crashes whenever i try to open a new session. i got it to create a session once, on the system partition (NOT what i wanted), but it crashed later.

i know it's a free app, so i don't want to complain. i appreciate the offer, and i know it runs fine on MACs and other PCs. but if you could maybe address the Vaio issue--so that it could be used on some of the fastest multimedia laptops out there--it would be much appreciated.

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