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Default All Sessions using SDII files are missing all audio files and won't relink

My external drive with my PT sessions died. I took it to a data recovery place who transferred the info from my mac-formatted LaCie to a windows-formatted Western Digital drive. Because I couldn't open files or record to this drive, I transferred onto a mac-formatted drive. Now, all of the sessions that used SDII audio files are all missing the data and it won't relink even when I am looking right at the audio files.

I read on GearSlutz that after SDII files have been on a non-mac formatted drive, even if you copy them onto a mac-formatted drive, they won't work. I'm assuming this is completely true because I am unable to access any session using that file type. My question is at this point, are my only options:
(1) re-recover files from original drive (2) chalk those sessions up as a loss? I can tell you #2 is an awful option...

Please help!!
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