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Default Education Subscription issue

Hi there, excited to get started with Protools... but can't seem to activate!

I have a successful application for edu license, and have logged and downloaded from the download centre. I have a linked ilok account etc.

However, when I log into the main avid website, into my account, I go under products and subscriptions and there is nothing in there relating to my edu licence.

I may have an issue with multiple accounts and things getting confused - I am wanting to merge accounts but I can't get through to avid, I have been trying for days to get hold of someone, I am in Australia and all phone options seem closed, no on answers, or the phone system is asking me for a number I don't have.

If anyone has any tips on how I might be able to sort this out that would be amazing, my course has started and I can't use the software I have paid for.

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